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Form, storm, norm and perform at the bookbinding workshops.
November 16, 2018, 8:35 am
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So I finished the second day of the bookbinding workshops and I am going to record my thoughts on what went wrong and what went right and some stuff that occurred to me.

I am just some random yahoo who has a couple of party pieces about making books and how to get a small group of students to play with tools, materials and get them to make books that function and are made in a traditional method.

This is my model for a workshop : get the students to trash as much materials as possible so that they can test the methods to destruction.  Provide them with models and let them understand in their own way about how the binding mechanisms work. Allow them to share with each other their insights and I never ceased to be impressed with what the students do and I see it as a privilege and I am grateful that I get to see what they can do.

I think that this is probably the last time I will be doing a bookbinding workshop I was surprised that this one came up. The key thing for me is when working with students we have to get to work with leather as soon as possible because leather is forgiving and cheap bookbinding cloth is not. I am not making as many books so I am not making generating enough scrap, I am not coming across redundant materials as much and I don’t have that stockpile any more.

I make little glueing clamps, I make beeswax blocks and I share tools, materials and books and I encourage.



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