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the good enough work bench
February 7, 2019, 10:04 am
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This is one of these posts were I am talking to myself and just posting to say Hello and update on my progress.

I am committed to returning to bookbinding and in producing books that people will want to buy. If you bind it, make it exquisite, make it relevant at a price point that people can ‘do’, in a market place that you have total control (not a craft shop) then surely success will follow. I need ‘sucess’ because that pays for materials. I am not keeping a score and I will make books that give me pleasure. If people want to buy them then that’s even better.

Under the cover of ‘not doing much bookbinding these days’ I trashed my work area and delayed putting it back together. I put in new floor coverings, I bought new storage and best of all I decided to repaint the room all to put off and delay the inevitable. The day would come when I have a functioning work area, all the materials in place, a plan to make ‘magical books’  that time when all around you is perfect and your faced with a bench and a to-do list.

So my work area is today half painted, filled with boxes and crates and cupboards that are dumping grounds for equipment.

So it’s declaration time.

I will clear the area full of boxes and crates.

I will identify all the equipment I want to keep and put the rest on eBay.

I will finish painting the room and make it better. (I have walls that are half deep blue and half white when I say white I mean a million tons of undercoat and primer that I had to ‘knock’ out the blue with never use ‘signature’ colour paints in a whole room the cost of under coating it will bankrupt you. Rooms are white and magnolia for a reason.

I am going to make a significant move in this direction today.



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