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September 11, 2019, 9:12 am
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Lots and lots of things happened to my bookbinding the biggest thing was I got a massive great big allotment and I really got stuck in to it. It seemed a lot easier.

Years ago I would get commissioned by artists to make books and it would just tick over I would make the books that I wanted and it was fine. I did some sales in shops and in esty and I didn’t need the money because I am a wife and I do the house, dog and garden thing and occasionally I would get a teaching gig and it was fine. Still is fine.

In the garden I discovered that I really liked the growing to scale I would grow massive amounts of broccoli beds and beds of it. Ridiculous amounts of cauliflowers. I counted 95 tomato plants and I lost 40 of them to blight. Didn’t care about losing them. I will try again next year.

In bookbinding I found out that I rather liked making loads of books at once. I was making groups of books and I would not finish them because until the leather goes on its just paper, glue, boards and linen thread. Costs next to nothing. The leather is where the money is and I could not use the leather on books that were not going to be sold.

But I started again and I put calf leather on this little book and fact is it’s a little bit rough I need it to be a little bit smother. But it’s going in the right direction.

So I am going to go have a quick look at the tomatoes then I am going to make some more books.

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