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what if I make a book every day?
September 13, 2019, 11:06 am
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I had this sudden idea the other day and it’s this one of my better ones ‘what if I made a book every day’ if you stick to smallish books and have a stash of goatskin and had tons of ideas then would it not be worth the time and effort just to bash them out.

I’ve been doing this three days running and working with a book that has got boards and springs and I have prepared all the cut outs and prepared the leather I can get the cover and designs on in just over two hours.

Part of this new thinking was when I was on my allotment a couple of weeks ago I was struck by the thought that I could easily turn my back and walk away and not come back.

There is nothing to fear about a ‘new thought’ from ‘apparently nowhere’ sometimes allotments are unhappy places people get ill and die, plants don’t perform the way you want them, sometimes it’s hard bloody work staying on top of things and the summer can be ‘short’ and don’t get me started on the politics.

I am going to be more effective on the use of my time on the garden and the bookmaking is coming first. I can be at my bench at 7.30 bind up a storm go off do a bit at the garden and in the afternoon do a bit of preparing book materials, sewing blocks, cutting up stuff.

The other thing I am going today is review all my thoughts and ideas about the teaching of bookbinding, the materials, the tools, the actual practice and how to get better.

You might not need a sewing frame….


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