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allotments, bookbinding and who your friends are.
March 25, 2020, 10:26 am
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When this shit is over there is going to one all mighty reckoning.

I am fine by the way, it’s been an intense month and I am happy enough. I decided what my priorities were and worked around trying to be effective at fulfilling them.

The book I was / am currently working is in great shape and I have made a decent break through in a construction technique, I identified a great calligraphy teacher and press ‘pay’ and I am going to create a work space specifically to do lettering.

I am going to make a ‘baby book’ for a baby who is about to be born it’s going to be all about green and trees and I have a new easel so I going to paint the endpapers on the allotment where green is bursting through.

The many fruit bushes I bought last winter and parked now in my massive refurbished fruit cage.

I decided the best thing I could do for the allotment people was to grow a serious amount of vegetables.

I am learning to use the phone but I would prefer a camera.

I am going to post in my phoney baloney blog a lot more. You lucky people!

I am still here.
March 2, 2020, 10:26 am
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Not going anywhere, still binding books, still messing around on a massive allotment, still playing with paints, trying to come to grips with my phone, still bemoaning the lack of a camera and totally not getting the phone camera might be the greatest camera in the world but I like a camera with a view finder and I like to insert a wire in to the phone in to the computer to get the pictures across.

Look at the state of this bench it’s an outrage and the picture is soft just to rub salt in to the wounds. What you can see is a mess and there is a book in the process of being made. The other thing is broken tools. In the making of this book tools fell apart in my hand. A hammer and two glue brushes trashed themselves in the service of book making. A glue brush managed to pull it’s self together and made a brave stand only to fail again. Poor thing.

This morning I was making boards for the beauty book and I am being really serious about making the boards I lined the boards with paper last week and kept them in a press today I was in the process sticking them together and I am struck with the overwhelming desire to make a totally new book. I could ‘see’ the type on the boards, I could see the painted endpapers I could feel the weight on the book in my hands.

So I did the right thing I put my boards in the press to dry. I removed myself from the bench, I wrote up this nonsense and I am going to finish the book I am suppose to be making and when I get the type on the boards and the leather on the book. I am going to make the book that I was thinking about.