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April 27, 2017, 9:41 am
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Going through the drawers I am finding collections of paper that I have put together and have not found a use for and it occurs to me that I could use them like ‘plates’ that I make books that are ‘illustrated’ with paper samples. That perhaps a journal could benefit with a break now and again. A bit of marbled paper here and there. To break the tedium of unlined white.

I found some endpapers.
April 27, 2017, 9:13 am
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So I am empty out the drawers of the plan chest and I have found these beauties. Big bold painted endpapers and I think I will sew them up to make a book about seeds.

Before I do that I am going to finish clearing up the drawers.


making big books
April 27, 2017, 8:13 am
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This is a book in a press and I am colouring the fore edge and then I am going to wax and burnish it because I like coloured edged books. So there.

I am also doing a million things all at once because I like to do that as well.

I am writing and photographing for this blog.

I am making a book and making it handsome.

I am organising all my sheets of paper.

I am confronting all the chaos that surrounds me and imposing order.




this is all the jeffery paper that I own
April 27, 2017, 7:57 am
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A lot of people visit this blog because I wrote about John and Jane Jeffery of Edinburgh who made the most amazing decorated paper. They sold the papers by word of mouth, I think they did a stand at a Society of Bookbinders conference and one of the bookbinding suppliers carried it and there was a final hurrah of a web site dedicated to the selling of hand bound notebooks made by them which lasted for under a year and then closed.

This is the remaining papers I have and I am going to photograph them and more importantly the catalogs and sales leaflets they designed and stick it up on the blog.

I think they were producing innovative and exciting papers and deserved better recognition.

the return of the jack
April 21, 2017, 9:55 am
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You have realised that the purpose of this blog is about me talking to myself and making lists of intentions and bleating. So once I get all the all of my chest I can actually focus and accomplish shit. So I went down to the allotment and got the car jack and the ‘straight edge’  I’ll clear up later on and I’ll beg husband to have a shot with the drawers I am rather heavy handed and impatient which leads to damage. Where as the husband will consider the problem and then enact the solution with thought and grace.


bookbinding and allotment tools in perfect harmony
April 21, 2017, 9:01 am
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Still have not quite got my act together since I replaced the floor covering and attempted to merge the tool boxes. I can’t get the drawers back in to the shelves so I am coexisting with piles of drawers. On my bench there is a bunch of spring onions, plant labels, green house thermometers, a Dryad bookbinding hammer which I can really recommend.

The little book I am making is a book for listing seeds, it has all the things I like in a hand made book. The endpapers are painted, the book ribbons are silk and hand dyed, the edges are painted and the spine is covered in legal buckram. I would move it on but a bit of the book press (car jack) is on the allotment where it was pressed in to service by pulling on scaffolding tubes and dexion which had been hammered in to the ground.

I am not out of love with bookbinding at the moment I just find the allotment practice more rewarding. Obviously I still opinions about what constitutes good practice but I don’t think I am going to do any more classes or workshops. I am going to make books about gardening but I don’t think I will have an outlet and I really must investigate esty and facebook shops. There is two commissions about to come up and I am making a big scrapbook for the allotment associations centenary.

I think what I shall do is clear away all the ‘noise’ about my bench, the stacks of books, paper and tools and have a clean and clear area and get the drawers back in.

The bookbinding tools you really need. The Louet Awl Gauge.
March 3, 2017, 7:58 am
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Sometimes I come across a tool that is just a joy to use. It does the job it has been made for with such deft and you get a real buzz from using it.


This is the Louet awl gauge. It’s available for the good people at Shepherds and the link is to the left. Under Materials.

There is many kinds of bookbinding going on, I make books with blank pages as opposed to some one involved in book repair or conservation where they are going to resew the book using the original sewing stations.


On the other hand I am making a book with new paper. So I want to make the holes for the sewing and tapes in each signature before I sew it up.


Previously I would stick the book block in the lying press use an engineer’s square to mark the spine up and then I…

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