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making hand decorated endpapers on a Monday morning.
March 9, 2015, 9:52 am
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These are endpapers I am putting together for a ‘beauty book’ they are hand painted and stamped and are asymmetric and they are a start that I mean to go along.

I am going to stop designing books for myself.
March 7, 2014, 8:58 am
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It struck me yesterday that I might be in danger of making a massive error in the way I think a book should look like.

I like a book that is covered in black calf, has a big bold title, coloured edges, no raised bands, the title will be in Clarendon and the endpapers will be hand coloured.

That makes me really happy. But if I want to sell books in the craft shop perhaps I should actually try and make a book that might make the people who shop in craft shops happy.

I think I need smaller books, the goldielock book that fit’s so nicely in the hand. Yes to the coloured edges, no Clarendon but more of a ‘don’t panic’ friendly font giving out nice pastel vibes.

note books for allotments
February 19, 2014, 12:39 pm
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I always liked the natural line of the leather so I have left it on rather than cutting it straight. Works for me.


Joyous lettering.


This is the notebook that I will record seed germination.


It has an index at the front.


Best endpapers in the world.

evicted books retuned to ever loving home.
December 18, 2013, 2:21 pm
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I mentioned the other day that a couple of my books got evicted from a hive of creative commerce where they had been lounging about proving a bit of colour and terrifying the local virgins.

Babies won’t you come on home!


So proud of that bold Ann Muir marbled jacket.


Again an Ann Muir paper that celebrates the Harmatan goat skin.


Strong colours and thick boards.


Filthy language.


An endpaper so hardcore that it punches above it’s weight.

Welcome home you have been missed.

See this tool, go and buy one, you won’t regret it.


I made around 20 sets of endpapers the other day. I only make cloth jointed endpapers the technique is called ‘made endpapers” I have broken free of my addiction of spray mount and am totally confident of my technique of pasting out the paper, letting the paper rest for a few moments, taking off the excess paste with a lightly pressed waste paper then affixing the pasted sheet to my cloth jointed endpaper.

made endpapers

The reason I am able to do this task with out breaking in to hysteria is that cherry wood folder. It’s a joy to use I no of no other tool that fits my hand so well and I have no other tool capable of the task.


You may also think that 20 sets of endpapers is not only excessive but might mean that I am rolling in big fat arts council backed commissions.

I wish.

My experimentations in the making of the sticky, so good it can't be ignored and gloriously handsome little books that cast a love spell so fast they are going to sell like hot cakes. Those books.

I am making decent progress enough to risk 20 little books worth of materials.

bonkers endpapers
September 22, 2013, 4:07 pm
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I really like making endpapers. My favourite paper to paint on is a zerkal laid paper with wavy lines must be about 180gms.

I plan to use gold gilding, collage, stencils and printing in the next series.

when artists make books
September 22, 2013, 1:25 pm
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Forget the phoney baloney of book art and get down with this.


It was my pleasure to bind this beautiful book for Erika.

Judge books by the cover? Dammed right we do! and this one was screen printed directly on to goat skin. I just pared the edges and put it on the book.

The endpapers are stunning and thick and it’s like the having a slab of earth wrapping around the book.

I used a couple of sheets of foam to protect the book block.


Erica is a print maker and really knows her paper this book is made from really heavy weights. Each folded sheet was sewn on to tapes.

But the most jaw dropping thing Erica did was this.






These are collages of strips of prints. I have never seen this in a book before, I have never seen paper wrapped around the page. It looks incredible.
Erica has discovered something new and original.

She also made prints specifically for the book.



and she did this.



and this


As soon as I had this book sewn up I was playing with the techniques.

I took the book back to Erika with some leathers and some book cloth for her to decide what to put on the cover.

With every book I learn something new and every one gets the commission they deserve.