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Hinny and Hinny meet Shy Bairn.


Now play nice.


the bookbinder’s fear of putting on a leather cover.


I have generated a massive number of books. I’ll go and have a quick count. It appears that I have at least 75 books which are need to be finished. Even by my standards thats a shocker!

Until the book has a cover which would preferably be full leather these books are just a block of paste, paper, thread, board and cloth. They cost pennies and my time has no real value.

The leather is the most expensive part of the book. At times I’ve had no money and I haven’t been able to buy materials. Also there is this thing of ‘proof of concept’ I have proved enough concepts that I don’t need reminding any more. Enough already with the concepts.

The thing with the leather is this. The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed!

So the concept I am going to chase is this I get the leather on these books and get them sold.

I’ll take a photograph of the bench later today and we shall see whats has happened concept wise.

little books with jeffery papers




I like bold and strong colours in the books I make.

making series of books.

So I making books like a mad bookmaking machine and I would make more if I had some paper, scrim and tyvek. But I have generated a big pile of books to put covers on.

The series of Geordie terms of endearment have been pasted down and are ready to go.

the use of KPI in craft bookbinding.


Key performance indicators, in practical terms and for strategic development, are objectives to be targeted that will add the most value to the business.

The objectives that I think would add most value to my bookbinding practice.

Being able to establish a work flow that would allow me to effectively 25 books at once.

Identify a number of customers who would be interested in the repeat purchasing of a specific type or style of book.

Identify key sectors where I can directly target it’s members who I believe would be interested in commissioning a book.

Find a number of shops and galleries who would be interested in stocking my little books.

Apart from the workflow problem which is a cruel and unusual punishment that causes me infinite pain and frustration.

What I want to do with these indicators is to run the numbers as it were on a monthly basis. Identify, contact and follow up on shops and galleries. Same with individuals.

I am not going to do trade shows as I don’t have the money so mostly I am going to have to find retail outlets by walking to them. I know what you are thinking a touch melodramatic but I intent on keeping it real here.

The other thing I am going to do is to directly write to potential customers with a hand written letter in my nicest hand writing and best printed envelope.

Buy a big sheet of stamps.

searching for the handmade rebels

Where have you hidden them I can’t find them any where?


I through out a thought the other day and it’s this notion that people are making things that owe more to IKEA’s look and feel but some how bypass that whole made in China in massive factories with computer controlled machines.


Somehow the simple ‘this is the way I make books’ is lost. Short of stamping ‘I’ve thought about this a lot’ on the front of the book I have to just let the simplicity of the materials talk and I have to strive to improve some of the detailing that lets me down.

Outside the craft markets and fairs there is not much handmade about. It’s getting scarce.

My fear is that it’s becoming sinister.

but as such we do not have a budget for it.
December 8, 2013, 11:05 am
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Finally a direct answer to the project with the unclear money question.
This does not register in the “pissed off meter”