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Revisiting and remaking a decision.
April 26, 2016, 7:19 am
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I had a remarkable experience the other week. I allowed myself the opportunity of revisiting a decision I had taken and rethinking it with ‘new tools’ by this I mean I allowed myself to be guided. On the allotment I have a facility for growing chrysanthemums.

It’s a very big shade house covered on all sides with windbreak fabric because the flowers do not like direct sun as it can damage the colour of the blooms. I had decided that because ‘if I can’t eat it I am not going to grow it mantra’ I was going to fill the beds with courgettes, herbs, salad and tomatoes. I don’t care at all for the traditional allotment flowers like chrysanthemums, dahlias and gladioli and had in fact massacred the bulbs, tubers and roots of poor things which represented at least half of the whole allotment. It was brutal and I would not even give them away. I chopped them all up for compost and burnt the rest of them in a series of fires.

I was thinking about how the man who had created the allotment had given me every thing I would need to create a garden and my husband was saying in a small voice ‘you might not want to do that’ when ever I mentioned about vegetables in the shade house.

So I decided to think about growing flowers and I went about that days tasks of going to the market, the lit and phil, going to the allotment, bookbinding and cooking with the very positive vibe of ‘growing flowers like he had intended me to do’.

And it was lovely.

I became very comfortable about growing flowers and I connected the facts that I like drawing, photographing and pressing flowers. I have been prototyping book bindings that feature flowers.


I had just bought this rather beautiful fabric.


I just did not see the obvious solution about what to do with the shade house because it was the proverbial elephant in the room.

So I am going to grow hundreds of flowers.


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Yes! Lovely xxx

Comment by helen1950

I read 1 blog, which I get sent to my email account and it’s yours. I really enjoy each of your posts and the prototype flowers are lovely

Comment by Olu

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